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AllatRa Book

Author: Anastasia Novykh

“AllatRa” is a one of a kind, beautifully designed, nonfiction book that brings together a large body of unique knowledge. “AllatRa” is more than just a book, it is an encyclopedia of primordial knowledge. Past, present, and future of the human civilization have been packed onto its pages. This book includes an array of topics such as; science, history, medicine, architecture, self-development, sociology, and much more. The new approach in quantum physics and astrophysics described in “AllatRa” answers the most important questions; who created everything and what is the meaning of human life? The book includes a description of ancient spiritual practices and meditations, which give a practical guide to self knowledge. “AllatRa” contains unique pictures of the human soul with the description of its components and knowledge about the meaning of ancient artifacts, signs and symbols never before revealed. All the information given in the book “AllatRa” is interrelated and gives a reader a complete understanding that all sciences are indivisible. The “AllatRa” book creates within every person a powerful impulse towards self-development and self-knowledge.

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“Consciousness and personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally alive.”

Prophets. Inculturation. Image and likeness. Magic and reincarnation. A human being was created twice! Autogenic training. Meditation. Spiritual practice. What don’t people see? What are the system and consciousness? What are Personality and Spirit? How to become free? Physics of the supernatural. The Unknown. Spiritual experience. The real Life. Questions and answers of those who practise. The truth that reveals the system and changes you forever!

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The ALLATRA USA Publishing House was established in 2018 in Johns Creek, Georgia. We are committed to provide our customers with products that are durable and long lasting. The books we publish are known in most European countries, and due to high demand we are happy to bring them to market in North America.

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On the inside, I finally filled the emptiness with love. I now have a purpose, better yet I know where I am going and even though this is just the beginning of my journey, I have never felt more free!

Sophia Anderson

To many of us, the books by A. Novykh came at the crucial, vital moments of our life. When it was not clear in which direction to take the next step – these books became a lighthouse in the darkness …

These books are really the best gift that you can give to anyone. And they are really the best gift because they can change the life of any person for the better. And not only of a single individual, but of our entire civilization as a whole.

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